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Sharing Together Every Playful Step (STEPS)

By working in true partnership with parents we aim to provide a stimulating, challenging environment which is a warm, friendly extension of the home, where children and adults can explore, have fun, play, talk and learn together, developing as happy, confident and independent individuals within their community.

We hold dear the African proverb “It takes a whole village to educate a child“

 believing that we have a significant role to play, along with parents, families, other professionals and the whole of the wider community in raising the young citizens of the society.

Home Visits – Tiny Steps staff make a home visit to all new families. This an informal, friendly opportunity to say hello, introduce ourselves and get to know a little bit about the child and his/her family. Parents often talk about this visit in a positive way and seem really happy to meet staff on their own ‘home ground.’ This first meeting is where the relationship and partnership begins.

STEPS (Sharing Together Every Playful Step) – we then invite parents and carers to STEPS sessions within the Tiny Steps provision for one hour. These can be over a period of five weeks or one week, depending on what time of year your child starts our nursery. The STEPS sessions are a time for you and your child to learn and explore in their new environment. It is also a time for parents and carers to meet other adults and children who will start nursery at the same time. It is a great opportunity for both children and adults to make new friends. The family worker also provides information to the families and activities they can do to help support their learning at home.



When your child starts

After the STEPS sessions, we discuss with you when your child will start and how long they will attend each session. We listen carefully to your views and the needs of your child. We are very flexible with our start dates and times. All children are different – some may settle in very quickly, whilst others need a little more time. We also acknowledge this separation can be as upsetting for parents as it is for children and so we offer comfort and patience to all during this transition time. Time spent on settling in, is time well invested for the children’s security and confidence. On arrival, we ask that children to collect their name card and check in on our feelings board. This gives us an opportunity to talk to you and your child about how they are feeling. Children then sit down for TLC time (toast, love and care) before exploring their environment.

It is really important that children are collected on time, as searching the sea of faces for your mum or dad, nana or grandad, and finding no-one there can be really upsetting when you’re only two or three years old. We ask that parents inform us of the people who are most likely to collect their child. In the interests of safeguarding all our children, we ask parents to provide a password at the beginning of the year for all adults to use when collecting children at the end of the session. Anyone the staff don’t recognise, will not be allowed to leave the building with a child, unless they provide the correct password.\



INSPIRE Sessions

We hold INSPIRE sessions at least once a term. The Inspire mornings or afternoons are an informal session in a relaxed atmosphere, where your child can show you what they have been learning about in schools.

The sessions are led by the family workers and children. They are always fun and you are always provided with something you have made with your child to take home and put on display!

Inspire has become part of our early years and school culture for the last three years and is a strong base for further parental and family involvement activities which develop the partnership between child, parents and family workers.

Here are some examples of the Early Years sessions:

  • Weekly coffee mornings. These take place each week and enable the parents and children to make new friends and play exciting new activities together such as messy play
  • Chatter Morning – parents are provided with a little gift bag full of resources to use at home to help support your children speech and physical development.



“Children are safe and well cared for. Staff ensure that all welfare requirements are met.” 
Ofsted Report, December 2016