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Observing, reflecting, assessing and recording children’s progress is the key to future planning, to meet the needs of each individual child.

Each child belongs to a family group, (light blue, silver or sparkle) with a family worker, who keeps a record of their progress in a Learning Journal. These records are usually little stories that explain the child’s play and the learning involved.

We also use ‘observation sheets’ and ‘snippets of learning’ that capture the many things we notice about the children and their progress. Learning journals feed directly into our summative assessment, where staff make more formal assessments on the children each term, based on their observations and what they know about each child.

The journal is kept at the nursery entrance and is accessible to children and families, to share together. We encourage parents to become involved in the journal, sharing ‘star moments from home’, which helps us to see the child holistically and plan to meet children’s individual needs and interests.

The journal is a very precious document – to be treasured by families forever. They are presented to our children to take home, at a special concert at the end of Reception.