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Indoors: A place to be calm

Children have access to beautiful indoor and outdoor environments, all day long, all year round.

We know all two year olds have a drive ‘to do it myself’ and we believe that our environment should reflect this. We provide a high quality environment rich in resources that invite experimentation.

We also recognise that two year olds thrive in a peaceful and calm learning environment. We believe the environment should partner the warm, caring relationships essential to children’s emotional well being. We develop and enhance our environment by establishing different moods through the use of resources, furniture, mirrors and lighting.

We aim to create an environment that is like opening arms welcoming the children in.

Our two year old room offers:

A place to relax in our ‘Sweet Dreams’ area. A chance for children to relax, sleep and share a story with their family worker and friends.

A place for tactile exploration in our sensory and tactile areas. We provide the children with a wide range of materials to explore and investigate. This appeals to the children’s curiosity and encourage language development:

  • Natural objects: stones, seashells, pebbles
  • Malleable materials: dough, clay, gloop
  • Creative and paint
  • Lycra games
  • Messy tubs
  • Sand/water play
  • Climbing bridge.


A place for imagination:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge; for knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world.” (Albert Einstein)

Children use these to develop into the realm of fantasy as they create narratives through their play:

  • Block play
  • Small world
  • Construction
  • Role play area
  • Home corner.


Outdoors: A place to be active

At Tiny Steps Academy we believe movement and action is essential for brain and body development. Their play is very physical, involving lots of movement of themselves and of things.

They use their whole selves to learn about their world, to do their thinking and to communicate with others. Everything in their environment is an invitation for action and they can be wonderfully inventive!

Our adults are highly trained in early movement development and they provide a soft play session every week in our school gym.

Our children love to rock, swing, spin, twirl, jiggle, wobble, slide, bounce, be upside down and otherwise get dizzy! This helps our children develop balance and coordination and gives them a strong feeling of confidence and self esteem.

Our outdoor environment offers:

  • Large construction area with crates and planks. Children love to travel, build bridges and tunnels
  • A range of surfaces for the children move on and between.
  • Musical stage
  • Water zone
  • Sand pit
  • Mud kitchen
  • Herb bed
  • Den and camping
  • Fairy land
  • Small world animal bed
  • Digging and building
  • Grow It beds
  • A large physical area for games
  • A place to relax. While open spaces are vital for active play, cosy enclosed spaces invite the children to withdraw and relax.
“Adults constantly promote good learning behaviours and develop real-life skills.
Children are settled and there are positive relationships between adults and children. Children show a high level of
engagement and sustained concentration. This prepares them well for learning in Year 1.” 
Ofsted Report, December 2016