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To be an excellent school, we must constantly be reflecting, developing and improving on our practice. We develop learners to be incremental in their attitude so we must move our school forward in the same way. School improvement is shaped by ambition and a duty of care to our pupil’s futures.

Our School Development key priorities have been established as a result of consultation with all stakeholders and responsibility for each priority is distributed through the staff and governors of the school. The Senior Leadership Team will track the progress against each of the priorities and regularly RAG rate the targets. This will be presented to staff and governors each cycle.

In the Summer Term the Senior Leadership Team will facilitate a consultation process with all stakeholders (children who attend our school, their parents and family, our staff and the governors who help lead the school) and their views on the future development of the school will be taken into consideration as we start to plan for the next academic year.

We welcome feedback and ideas linked to our key priorities from anyone who shares an interest in driving the school to providing outstanding education for all our children, so please get in touch.

School Development Plan 2018-2019


1.1  To embed rigorous assessment systems and secure improved outcomes for all children, including those identified as falling behind.

1.2  To develop middle/subject leadership across school in order to ensure high expectations, high quality leadership and improved pupil progress.

1.3   All Assistant Teachers working with pupils provide high levels of support and challenge in all areas of the curriculum with a focus on SEND and PP.



2.1 To ensure all teaching is at least good and a significant proportion is outstanding.

2.2.To improve the provision and teaching of reading across school, with a focus on specific groups to ensure attainment is in line with national.

2.3 To improve the provision and teaching of writing across school, with a focus on specific groups to ensure attainment is in line with national.

2.4 To improve questioning and reasoning skills in maths to improve outcomes for pupil premium and greater depth children.



               3.1.To improve whole school attendance so that it is in line with national by reducing number of PA and raising the attendance of EAL children.

               3.2 To improve the challenge and support and positive engagement for our most vulnerable families.

               3.3 To improve staff knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellbeing.

               3.4 To develop pupils’ attitudes and resilience to learning to ensure positive outcomes on pupil progress.


PRIORITY 4: OUTCOMES FOR PUPILS: Linked to the Ebor Academy CCP


4.1 Improve EYFS practice to improve end of KS outcomes. 4.2 Ensure end of KS2 outcomes ( particularly in Reading) are in line with progress in relation to KS1 outcomes. 4.3 Ensure year 1 phonic outcomes stays in line with national. (EYFS GLD 585%).