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The Nursery children are now in with the reception children. We now have a Foundation Stage Unit for children aged 3-5.

Green Family

All children in the unit follow the footprints of the day and are provided with a family group worker. The children aged 3-4 are in the green family.


Rainbow Family

Children who choose to use their 15 hours over a full day or pay for extra hours are in Rainbow family and children who start reception are in Yellow or Blue Family.


We believe children need routine and ‘footprints of the day’ that they recognise and within which they feel safe and emotionally secure. The family group worker is crucial in providing reassurance and friendship to the child and its family, in a way that fosters happiness and well-being for all.

It’s important that you know your child is loved and cared for, but most importantly, that your child is well understood and supported by adults who respond appropriately.