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Newsletter 19.6.20

A message from the Co-Heads of School…

This week takes our learning into week 13 and home and school tasks continue around our themed letter of the week. This week is letter M.

Mrs McQuade has said that her bubble has been working incredibly hard: “As part of our M themed week, the children have been making machines, monsters and marble runs. They have read about Medusa and learned about the features of myths. There has also been a sprinkling of magic and mystery!”

Miss Starr has also had a lovely time in school this week: “This week the children have been busy everyday taking part in their Morning Movement, followed by activities including Memory games, making Mocktails, creating Marvel superhero Masks, designing Mad Hatter Menus, reading the story of Maya Angelou and learning all about Mindfulness! What a Marvellous week so far!”



Yoga is a very ancient practice (5000 years old!) and if it has been around that long, there’s got to be something in it!

It’s very different to energetic workouts like Joe Wicks does, but it might be lovely to give this a try as an alternative, or even as well as.

You could also try Tai Chi or Pilates. All of these more gentle forms of exercise are reputed to have additional and wide ranging health benefits.



Easy Science Experiments



Quality sleep is so important and sometimes we have trouble getting enough of it. It is as important as good nutrition and exercise for our wellbeing, and is linked to learning, attention, behaviour, memory and overall mental physical health. Having a good bedtime routine helps and so does getting lots of natural light first thing in the morning. For some great sleep success tips, try the following website and just think about it…missing out on one hours sleep every night adds up to nearly a whole night’s sleep over a week!




Support for pupils and parents in primary schools in relation to mental and emotional wellbeing – NYES


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