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Newsletter 12.6.20

A message from the Co-Heads of School…

This week the children in school have continued to work hard in their new ‘Community Bubbles.’  Mrs Gilmour said that her Bubble have made chocolate lollies, lava lamps, read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and made crafts as well as writing about the story. We have made lizard art, watched ‘Lady and the tramp’ and role-played having our own cafe where we served lunch. We also explored London and made our own iconic red buses. Mr Robinson has been keeping his Bubble super fit with lots of fun outdoor exercise and games. They have also been learning about lots of different landmarks.



Mindfulness 5-4-3-2-1. Use this technique to ground kids and young adults. This is an especially great activity to help kids manage anxiety or anger. Have students look around their current surroundings and find five things they can see, four things they can touch, three things they can hear, two things they can smell, and one thing they can taste. By the time they get through listing all of those, they will be more present and calm.


Creative Science Challenge

Make your pictures move!



Wild Art 2020 Competition

The RSPB are once again teaming up with the Cameron Bespolka Trust to bring you WildArt 2020, and this year we’re even bigger! We’re on the lookout for talented young artists to enter our exciting competition.

Create a piece of art inspired by nature – let your imagination run WILD!




Well done to all of our parents who have signed up to our ParentHub App, we now have 74% of parents who are registered on the APP.

ParentHub is very important as it allows us to send our latest letters, events and class communications. As of September this will be our only method of home school communication due to increasing costs and to ensure that all letters and other communication is received and not lost.

Please see the ParentHub flyer attached to our newsletter.


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2020-2021 Holiday Dates

Parent Hub Flyer


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