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Curriculum overview

At Haxby Road Primary Academy we strive to make our learning exciting and engaging by using the children’s interests, a range of digital and interactive resources and a focus upon developing a wide range of skills our pupils can use in the future.

Below is a long-term overview of our curriculum across the academy year groups.

  • Long-term overview Year 1

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  • Long-term overview Year 1 and 2

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  • Long-term overview Year 3 and 4

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  • Long-term overview Year 5 and 6

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Phonics and Reading

At Haxby Road Primary Academy we are firm believers in reading for enjoyment and to become life-long learners. Learning to read begins with a systematic approach to the teaching of phonics, which continues through Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2.

In Early Years and Key Stage, 1 pupils have a daily 20-minute phonics session, which we teach using the ‘Letters & Sounds’ scheme. As children move through Year 2 and then throughout Key Stage 2 pupils learn different spelling patterns and rules according to the National Curriculum 2014 and to fill any gaps in learning.

Each September we hold parent workshops for Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 parents are invited to learn about reading within their year group.

At Haxby Road Primary Academy reading practice takes many forms:

  • Individual reading to an adult using either the Phonics Bugs and the Oxford Reading Tree schemes;
  • Silent reading followed by a comprehension activity;
  • Guided Reading in small groups with a teacher or teaching assistant;
  • Paired reading with another child;
  • Whole class reading of texts aloud;
  • Listening to class stories read by the teacher.
  • Children read texts (fiction and non-fiction) from books and screens. Each classroom has access to a range of reading materials. Pupils regularly use reading journals to record their thoughts, ideas and understanding of their reading. Reading is encouraged at home and Reading Records are used to enable parents and teachers to record progress made, thus facilitating the transfer of information between home and school.



Literacy Curriculum

Our Literacy Curriculum is varied and interesting.

  • Literacy overview

    To view our Literacy curriculum, click here


Speaking and listening is taught throughout the curriculum as a whole in many different ways, giving our pupils the opportunity to develop it in different contexts.

Our reading and phonics progression is outlined on this website. By the time our pupils leave us in Year 6 the aim is for them to be fluent readers who can understand and discuss many different texts. This helps them learn about the world around them and also experience the joy and fun of fiction works.

Writing involves the application of many skills: Reading, grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, composition an handwriting.

We use our VCOP acronym to support the development of the sentence structure and composition elements. Our pupils also use the prompt ‘ Think it, Say it, Write it, Check it’ as a process for planning and writing quality sentences.