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Welcome to the Friends of Haxby Road

What is the Friends of Haxby Road?

The Friends of Haxby Road are a vital part of our school.

  • It joins children, parents/carers, teachers and the local community together.
  • It raises funds for the school allowing children the opportunity to have experiences and resources they would not otherwise have access to.
  • It organises social events to raise the funds which are essential to the welcoming atmosphere of our school-disco, fairs, cake stalls and more…


The Friends of Haxby Road is a registered charity and every parent/carer is automatically a member – there are no joining fees or forms. There are about 6 meetings a year where ideas for events, fundraising and spending money raised are discussed. The meetings are very informal, sometimes take place in our community café with cakes and hot drinks. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings. Leave a message on facebook if you would like to get in touch.

For a completely voluntary charity, the Friends of Haxby Road raises an amazing amount of money for the school and has provided the children with some fantastic resources and experiences in recent years.

We look forward to welcoming you. Please join in!